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These are matches for the words "Agatha Heterodyne", "Lady Heterodyne", "Agatha Clay", "Holy Child", "Agatha".

Volume I

The Streets of Beetleburg

Agatha Gets Mugged

Late for Class

Wulfenbach's Visit

Gil Chews the Scenery

Merlot Goes Spare

Agatha Goes Home

Omar is Very Sick

Agatha Wakes Up

The Baron Finds a Clank

The Baron Visits Clay Mechanical

Clank vs. Jagers!

Volume II

Agatha Awakens in a Strange Place

Meeting the Wulfenbach Students

Meeting with Gil

The Infamous Falling Machine!

Meet Von Pinn

The Dragon From Mars

Sneaking Into the Baron's Lab

Othar Tryggvassen, Gentleman Adventurer!

Any Plan Where You Lose Your Hat...

Tea with the Generals

Back to the Dorm

Agatha is Given the Locket (Flashback)

In the Lab / Moloch's Story

Dr. Dim

Fencing with Royalty

Agatha Has Had Enough

It's a Talking Cat...

Volume III

First Page

The Baron and Othar

Bangladesh DuPree

Gil's Lab

The Fencing Clank

Othar Spoils the Mood

Krosp's Story

Activating the Engine

Agatha is Dreaming

Agatha Wakes Up

The Alarm

Rescuing Othar

Agatha & Gil vs. the Wasps

The Students Notice Something Odd

Agatha and Gil Find the Engine

Little Clanks to the Rescue!

Agatha Discovers She Enjoys Adventures

Gil Gets Himself in Trouble

Othar Gets Himself in Trouble

Adam & Lilith Help Out

Adam & Lilith Meet Klaus (Again)

Klaus' Story

Agatha Escapes

Zulenna Delays the Pursuit

Agatha and Othar Have a Talk

Volume IV

Crashing the Airship

Krosp Lacks Mad Cat Skillz

A Traveling Show

Agatha Meets Zeetha

Zeetha's History

Shove Off

Crab Monster Attack!

Gil and Klaus Talk

The Circus Meets Bang

Gil is Having a Bad Day

Circus On the Road

The Baron is Not Pleased

Warrior Training Begins

Circus Life

Geisterdamen On Patrol

The New Kid Gets Baba Yaga

Everybody's Sparky!

On The Road

Hanging Jagers in Town

The Heterodyne Play

Trouble at the Town Gate

Volume V


Agatha's Bad Plan

Jagermonsters Join the Circus

Lars Falls in Love

Krosp Meets Moxana

The Clank in the Woods

The Silverodeon is Repaired

Agatha Meets Moxana

Agatha vs the Jagers

Balan's Gap

Off to the Palace

A Handy and Enlightening Recap

The Lady's Chapel

The Circus is Sent Away

The Royal Children's Lab

In the Dungeons

Lucrezia the Goddess

The Storm King


The Real Rescue Party

Lucrezia Greets Her Priestesses

Back to Castle Wulfenbach! Woohoo!

Klaus is REALLY Mad

She's ALIVE!

Volume VI

Front material

DuPree is Brought up to Speed

Agatha Wakes Up

The Rescue Party at Work

Two New Pages

Tarvek Gets a Brief Rest

The Rescue Party in the Deepdown

Short Story Break: "Personal Trainer"

Tarvek Shoots his Big Fat Mouth Off

Anevka and Selnikov

Agatha's Backup

An Airship is Spotted


Other Slavers 02

Tarvek is Left Hanging

Anevka Learns What She Is

Lucrezia x 2

The Baron Arrives

Wooster Arrives

Agatha's Signal Activates

The Really Nice View of Agatha's Signal

Agatha vs. Vrin

The Baron's Soldiers

Lucrezia vs. Everybody



Opera Week Begins

Agatha Flips Out (Big Fight)

Calming Pie Perfected!

The Weirdness Escalates

Leaving NOW!

Agatha Flips Out (Reprise)

Zeetha Has a Clue

Volume VII

The Rumor Mill

Yes, it's on Purpose

What Next?

Entering Mechanicsburg

Castle Heterodyne

Grumpy Jagers

Airman Higgs

Gil Deludes Himself

Playing Tourist

About the Castle

Another Heir

Gil protects Klaus

Agatha Meets Von Mekkan

The Coffee Engine is Broken?!?

Report at the Hospital

Coffee's Ready!

Troops Storm the Shop

Klaus Wakes Up

Inside the Castle

History Lesson

Radio Theater Break: Revenge of the Weasel Queen pt.1

Back to the Main Story

Meeting the Castle

Spark Roast Coffee Ad

Agatha Faces Down the Castle

Vole Reports to Gil

Everybody Fusses About the War Clanks

Gil Deals With It

Agatha Notices a Problem

Agatha Enters the Castle

Final Page of Volume 7

Radio Theater Break: Revenge of the Weasel Queen pt.2

Zeetha Paper Doll

Volume VIII

Agatha in the Castle


Vole Arrives to Take Charge

Agatha Learns about the Kitchen

Zola and Agatha Meet Again

Gil Wakes Up

Zeetha Bring Gil Up To Speed

"Jäger Girls" and Mama

A Diplomatic Meeting

Klaus Take A Stroll

Gil Works it Out

Barfight! Also: Higgs

Mechanicsburg Tourism

Back in the Castle

The Test

Gil's Great Plan

Gil Makes a New Plan

Got the Job?

Do You Have a Boyfriend?

Don't Move, or it Will See You

Riding the Tiger

Violetta is Displeased

Gil Catches Up With Old Friends

Always Wear Under Wear

Agatha Catches the Show

Gil is Surprised

Final Page of Volume 8 (SPOILER)

Fairy Tale Theatre Break: Cinderella

Volume IX

Volume Nine Web Cover & Wallpaper

First Page of Volume NINE

Delivery for the Baron

Agatha in the Castle

Gil in the Castle

Agatha Oversleeps

Agatha Hides her Embarrassment Poorly

Gil Working on Repairs

How Gil Knows Zola

Let's Split Up!

The Castle Finds Gil

Agatha Gets Wound Up

Agatha Finds Gil

Mad Social Science

Smoochus Interruptus

Radio Theater Break: Revenge of the Weasel Queen pt.3

Agatha Settles Pinkie's Hash

I Love Christmas

Nanny Attack!

Get Going, Hero Boy

An Attempt at Conversation

An Attempt at Romance

An Attempt at Medicine

Phil & Kaja's Hugo Acceptance Speech

Hold Still. This'll be Fun!

Violetta Gets a New Job

Mad Science

Tarvek Sturmvoraus, Boy Detective

Agatha and Her Guinea Pigs

Dingbot Fight!

They're Gone?!

Elevator Madness!

Ad Interrupt

The Great Movement Chamber

Agatha Feels Green

The Castle Flips Out

Gil & Tarvek "Help"

The Castle REALLY Flips Out

Final Page of Volume 9

Volume X

First Page of Volume TEN

What Agatha is Up To

Lucrezia Visits

The Thing from the Pit


Zeetha and Violetta Bond

Agatha Wins

What Secondary Process?

Have a Drink...

Nova Albion Comic

Get Him!

I Know, Let's Fight!

Blowing a Gasket

Lucrezia's Secret Lab

Flirting Minions

Knocked Out

Deal With the Devil

Zola Takes Over

Nice "Death Trap"

Frustrated Sparks


Time to Get Moving

General Teatime with Boris

Higgs Knows Secret Passages

Aaaah! It's Zola!

The Castle Seraglio

It's A Big Awesome Plant! Neat!



Final Page of Volume 10

Zola Goes up to Eleven

Volume XI

The Library

Theo Works in Unstable Conditions

Agatha is Mean to Tarvek

Transferring VonPinn

Who Gets to Throw the Switch

Duck! It's Zola...

A Nice Baby Drawing (Special Page)

Back to the fight

Those Flying Coats NEVER Work Properly

Zola Leaves the Castle

Higgs Requests Leave

Extra page with Higgs and Zeetha

Repairs and Quibbling Continue Apace


Zola in Hospital

Wandering Heroes

Amazonian Flirting

Jager Meeting

Tarvek Explains Some Things

Van Has a Visitor

Back to Van and His Jolly Friends

Back to Agatha and Her Jolly Friends

The Baron, The Storyteller, and Stories

Meanwhile, at Mamma's

Castle Wulfenbach War Room

Agatha Finds the Last Repair Site

Tiktoffen Makes His Move

Vole Makes His Move

"Krosp" Saves the Day

Gil Makes a New Friend

That Kissing Scene

Coming to Gil's Rescue

Coming to Gil's Rescue (resumed)

Violetta's Reasoning

Rescuing the Prince

The Town Council Meets

Castle Fixing Complete?

Gil Leaves the Castle

Agatha and the Doom Bell

Volume XII

The Doom Bell Rings All Over Town

Welcome Home Lady Heterodyne

Dragons Wake

Agatha Meets Some Friends

Agatha and Friends Make Plans

Gil Returns

Someone's Been Sitting on MY Empire!

On the Walls of Mechanicsburg

Stories and... RUN!

Gil's Double-Secret Lab

Gil Gets to Work


Celebrating at the Castle

Gil has a Bad Day

The Cover of the Second Girl Genius Novel

Nuts and Squirrels and Grad Students

Agatha Working: full page art

Agatha and Zeetha try on Armor

Tarvek Demonstrates the Futility

Tarvek and the Generals

The Vespiary Squad Rescue

Big Horrible Monster

More of that Kissing Stuff

Adventures with Boris

Repairs in Town

Giant Apes and Everything Else

I Require a Spark

The Battering Ram


The Storm King

Hero in a Jar

Airship Regatta Poster


More of Tarvek's Family

Getting Across Town

Othar! Also, Agatha blows stuff up

Franz Proves he can Fly

Gil to the Rescue

Volume XIII

First Page of Volume XIII

Gizmocracy Thanks

Lover's Spat

The Castle is Back!

Higgs and Zeetha ♥

The Baron Hatches a Plan

Higgs and Zeetha Again

Agatha Returns to her Friends

The Storm King Rides Up

The Heterodyne Requires Cake