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"Lunevka" is a fan-given name to specify the mental copy of Lucrezia which has been attached to Anevka Sturmvoraus's clank body, as opposed to Lucrezia's other forms: Lucrezia in possession of Agatha, sometimes called "Lucregatha", and Lucrezia's original body.

A semi-canonical name for this character (from the pencil The Works, 2nd ed.) would be Lucrezia/Anevka , although even there, the name Lunevka (without quotes) appears in the upper left-hand corner, implying the nickname has been adopted by Phil Foglio.



This entity starts as an un-tuned clank head made by Tarvek, who calls it some of his best work. The exact sequence of events occurs off-screen, but he evidently gives this creation to Lucrezia-in-Agatha, who somehow transfers another copy of her personality into it, either from her current biological body, or directly via the Summoning Engine in Castle Sturmhalten. The Foglios play coy with the head's first appearance, having her be a voice occupying and concealed by a large chair, gloating in tandom with the biological copy. Following a complicated series of double-crosses, Tarvek mounts the head on Anevka's body, having unhappily removed and stored away the original. [1] The new clank greets her other copy, and expresses her plan to remain in Sturmhalten Castle impersonating Anevka while her other copy plans to leave with the Geisterdamen. Of course, these plans don't exactly work out as intended...


She eventually turns up as a "patient" in the Great Hospital of Mechanicsburg, having ditched the carrier vessel with the real Anevka corpse. The clank is awaiting an audience with the Baron, when she encounters fellow patient Zola, who presents herself as being another copy of Lucrezia. The two compare notes and Zola tells the clank about the Baron's wasping. We also see what Lucrezia thinks of the idea of Barry Heterodyne turning up alive again. (EEK!)

Zolu Lunevka

Lunevka? Meet Zolu. Zolu? Meet Lunevka.

Lunevka does get her audience, and takes control of the Baron, though this occurs off-screen. When we see her, she has moved into Klaus's room and is now firmly in charge of him as his official nurse, or so she thinks. After a bad story teller that the Great Hospital uses as an alternative to drugs is brought in to help the Baron sleep, Klaus tells the man an outlandish story which he insists is from a book of old stories by a Hungarian named Masat. [2] The clank comments the story sounds ridiculous, and Klaus replies it wasn't meant for her. The general consensus among fans (and Tarvek) is that it was actually a coded message aimed at Gil. In any event, she orders him to sleep, and he does so .

This is the last we see of her for quite some time, what she does during the destruction of the Hospital, the Baron's return to Castle Wulfenbach and the subsequent Siege of Mechanicsburg is unknown, though the general assumption is that she gave Klaus some parting orders which he did his very best to badly and inefficiently obey.


She finally reappears in England, invading the undersea dome of the Queen's Society at the head of a contingent of wasped British soldiers, in an attempt to either rescue or destroy the Agatha-copy of herself. It's not clear at first that it's even her, as her physical appearance has almost completely changed; she's been seriously upgraded with spikes and various other offensive weapons. (Though she complains that she still considers it to be substandard, saying that even after two years she hasn't had time to make a proper clank-body.) She loses a hand to Zeetha and her swords, but still almost kills Zeetha before a beefed-up Oggie intervenes, ripping off one of her arms. She and the biological copy are finally thwarted, in part because her body still responds to verbal commands from Tarvek, as installed by him when it was still run by Anevka. The Agatha-copy is extracted into a container, and the incapacitated clank is carried away by the "Deep Marine" contingent of invaders, who are evidently working for Ariadane Steelgarter and/or Francisia Monahan.

Among the rats[]

Lunevka later turns up again on a mysterious rat-filled island in the company of Steelgarter and Monahan. Along with Hippocrates Brunel and Madwa Korel, they are experimenting with one of the Queen's Mirrors which is located on that island. With Agatha's sort-of unknowing help, she and Monahan also manage to get the island's Flame working properly and then both use it to least begin the ascent to Queenhood, leading to an epic brawl between the two women.

As a result of her synthetic body being unable to hold the powers of life, Lunevka's body rots. (Along with taking damage from both Monahan and Agatha and Co.) Unwilling to allow Monahan to win, Lunevka chooses to destroy the island in order to keep the island's Flame out of her hands. Adding to the excitement, Albia gets summoned to the island in person by her daughter Neena.


After the aforementioned brawl leaves her severely damaged and drained nearly all of her remaining power, Lunevka's self-destruct activates . Albia flings Lunevka's body a safe distance away before she explodes .

The Print Novels[]

Agatha H. and the Siege of Mechanicsburg has events (evidently) play out slightly differently: we see the clank-Lucrezia publicly and deliberately prematurely announce the Baron has died in the Hospital attack, causing a meticulously-timed chunk of chaos. And later, she is shown to be on Castle Wulfenbach, and gleefully present when the Baron forces Gil to accept having a mental copy of Klaus installed in his head. Also, Zola's conversation with the clank is depicted from the former's point of view, and she is the one in control of her body, not the Lucrezia-copy.

Physical Abilities[]

The clank has all of Anevka's abilities, being essentially a tireless automaton as long as proper maintenance is kept up. She also shares traits of other clanks based on muse design principles, or at least Tinka, such as generating electricity. She possesses a more advanced head which allows her to communicate with a great range of facial expressions. As noted, she is eventually upgraded but still susceptible to the inbuilt failsafes .

She retains some mechanical aptitude , bringing up questions of whether clanks, at least advanced ones, can emulate some version of the Spark.

While she likely still possesses a voice box tuned to sound like Agatha, which is probably a tympanum based device (like a modern speaker), it is not known if this is her natural speaking voice or if she switches to the original voice to avoid suspicion. Regardless, she can still command the Wasped as seen with the Baron.

But, most dangerous of all, she is a copy of Lucrezia.